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Meet Roe Jordan

Roe is a Mississippi Native with a new profound love for Texas. She graduated from Mississippi State University with her Bachelors and received her Master's from the University of Texas at Arlington. 

Roe is a Wedding Planner & Designer with over seven years of experience and has a true passion for wedding planning and designing. She specializes in luxury, romantic, and elegant events, but has the ability to master any look! She is an Award-Winning Entrepreneur with a love for business mentoring. 

"My greatest joy is in my ability to connect and build relationships with my clients to give them a personable and tailored experience"    -Roe J. 

Roe's Fun Facts:

  • I literally cry at EVERY single wedding. It can be on tv or a stranger's wedding. It's something about the meaning of marriage that pull the strings to my heart! 

  •   I love tomboyish things like fishing, going to the shooting range, and watching football. I even use to work in the construction industry! Imagine that! 

  •  For a very long time I would not walk under trees because of snakes.... I's a story that I'll have to explain over a glass of wine! 

  Roe Jordan, Owner

Executive Planner + Designer

Meet Hannah Jennings

Hannah is a Certified Wedding Planner, who found her passion for the wedding industry at a very early age. She takes pride in all of the small details that help creates a personable, seamless finish. She specializes in Bohemian, vintage style weddings, but is eclectic to all themes and designs.


Hannah is truly dedicated to providing the highest level of service to create a stress-free planning experience, and of course a personalized, memorable wedding day event. 

"My greatest joy is being able to take personable experiences shared between two people who love each other, and find subtle ways to incorporate that into their big day"    -Hannah J. 

Hannah's Fun Facts:

  • I grew up in different parts of Texas but I love to travel, and my goal is to visit Australia someday. 

  •   My favorite season is fall, because I love the deep reds, burnt oranges, and soft yellows the trees bring

  •  I love to do yoga! It's my favorite way to reduce stress and relax.

           Hannah Jennings

      Associate Wedding Coordinator + Designer

Meet Taylor Williams

Taylor recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Psychology and a Graduate certificate in Advanced International Affairs. After being a company dancer and artist all her life she longed for a creative outlet to explore her passions, which led her to the most magical place on earth.


While interning at Walt Disney World, Taylor had the opportunity to participate in courses at Disney University. She was a Character and Parade Performer. She has experience in Show Production.


Taylor is ready to create magic for everyone of her clients by using her talents in design and production to construct any event to make one to remember. She specializes in Dark Romantic, Alternative, Whimsical, and Rustic 

"My greatest joy is being able to make the impossible a reality, creating a dream into a real life fantasy, and seeing the look on my clients faces when what they imagined has come true!"    -Taylor W. 

Taylor's Fun Facts:

  • I love working with all sorts of colors but my personal favorite colors have to be grey and black! 

  •  I have two German Shepherd’s that control my entire life, Koda and Kenai! 

  • I have read the Harry Potter books around eight times through! 

        Taylor Williams

      Associate Wedding Planner + Designer

Meet Jessica Mendoza

Jessica settled down in Northern Texas eight years ago with her husband to raise their family. Originally from Europe, she enjoyed a childhood traveling across countries and continents, living in California for quite a few years and really appreciating the multi-ethnic background she was afforded through her travels and family background.

Having always been drawn to the concept of making things "pretty", Jessica receives a lot of her influence from European design, L.A. VIP vibes with a dash of New York cool, while never losing the essence of romance. Structuring events to focus on the main attraction while making sure every detail is accounted for gives her immense gratification.

"My greatest joy is to ensure complete client satisfaction, I never want the vision of their special day to be glossed over, but rather enhanced and polished."                                                                  -Jessica M. 

Jessica's Fun Facts:

  • I am fluent in multiple languages including German and Tagalog, but I have my  heart still set on learning Russian.

  •  I share my love through baking, which includes baking my children fresh loaves of bread every week for their school lunches. They love my Challah! Much to my husband's chagrin, who is on Keto.

  • According to my little sister, I am a living history book and keeper of all useless but interesting facts. Pop culture references are a favorite, and I am known to fall down the research rabbit hole.

         Jessica Mendoza

      Associate Wedding Planner + Designer

About Leir Dor & Company

Leir Dor & Company was established as a Wedding Planning company in 2018. It is comprised of some of the most talented Planners, Coordinators, and Designers. The brand is a reorganized company of the owner's previously award-winning, co-owned company, Chix & Glitz Weddings and Events, LLC.


What to expect from Leir Dor & Company?

Expect to receive personable experiences, well organized planning process, expectations met, and of course a FABULOUS Wedding or Event!

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

We are currently based out of Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas, but serve surrounding states and Destination locations. Coming Spring 2019, we will have a new headquarters office in Hattiesburg, MS to serve our South Central Region. 

How does a client know which package to book?

After our phone or face to face consultation, your Planner will provide you with her best recommendation of packages based on where you are currently at in the planning process, budget, concerns and wants, and overall planning needs. 

Our goal is not to get you to book our most expensive package, our goal is to get you to book the services you absolutely need and want!